Anyone who has an idol, such as Picasso, Mozart or Shakespeare, wants to meet him even though this meeting is impossible. Jane is a young student whose idol is Isaac Newton, and fate brings the two together. While Jane thinks he might be one of her friends who just want to make fun of her, Newton is amazed by the present world in which he was brought. Jane and Isaac start talking about physics, and Newton is simply astonished by her knowledge in the field.

This is the topic of the short film Isaac’s Dream. The producers, Anna Ostrovskaia, Cameron Brown, Mariana Vaz,  confessed that it was inspired by the tv show Doctor Who. It is a film about two souls who find each other through space and time, about lonely people who finally find someone else with the same interests.

The producers chose Newton for their film because he studied at Cambridge, where they also studied, which hugely impacted them. It was needed a lot of research for creating it. The title hides a clue about Jane: dream. Jane doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits; she is more a believer in dreams and they becoming true. So the meeting with Newton may be interpreted as a dream of her meeting Isaac Newton and talking to him.

You can see the whole discussion with the producers of the film in the video below.

Moderator: Dragić Rabrenović
Guest: Anna Ostrovskaia, Cameron Brown, Mariana Vaz