The Italian film La Fiamma (“The Flame”)  tells Elk’s story, the young boy of the village chief, who suffers from an incurable illness. He and his siblings stay home alone as the adults of the village, including their parents, leave to find a remedy for him. Elk has a fever, and his siblings try to do everything they can to cool it down. But one of them goes out in the cold of the winter and barely comes back. The legend is true. The beast is real. There is a menace out there, and now the children are afraid they may not survive the night; they are already sure their parents and neighbours are already dead.

The plot is captivating, and La Fiamma is a short film worth watching with an unexpected ending.

The director Giacomo Talamini gave some details behind the scene regarding the film and its making. He said that the creature was his invention as a general concept based on the real legend. Leonardo Cruciano took care of the special effects, the story development, and the design of the costume of the beast, which was made accessible materials. The film had to be shot in cold and uncomfortable places in a mountainous region to give the viewer a perspective as authentic as possible. The language spoken by the characters was a Medieval Bavarian mixed with Italian words.

If you want to find out more about the creation of the film, here you have the full interview:

Moderator: Cristi Vicol

Presenter: Giacomo Talamini