A story about him and her. A love story, to be more precise. Two strangers united by sea and… a bagpipe that they have to repair. But, what seems to be almost impossible to do, becomes easier with time.
This is how The bagpipe maker’s baby would be summarised without giving any spoilers. It is a short film worth watching that teaches us a lesson about patience, responsibility, love.

In the last year TGIFF edition, the director Chris Hopkin and Gordon Meredith, the actor who embodied the main male character, participated at the festival and told us some interesting details unknown to the public. The short film is inspired by the story written by Julian F. Woodford for those who may not know. In fact, Woodford also wrote the screenplay for the film. Hopkin mentioned that he was drawn by the idea of family, which made him decide and put the story on the screen.
The symbolism of the bagpipe? A link between all the characters, such as a baby is in a family.
The symbolism of the baby? Watch the interview in the link below to find it out and find out many other interesting details.


Moderator: Andrijana Rabrenović

Guests: Chris Hopkin, Gordon Meredith