Stephen Hawking’s concerns about AI taking control over humanity have come true: now people cannot go outside without being identified by drones and always have to live with the constant fear of not getting back to the normal life humanity used to have.

This would be the plot of the short film Unauthorized. After watching the film, the participants discussed it and shared their opinions about it. One of them even compared it to some extent with 1984 of Orwell, making the parallelism between the ending of the novel and the ending of the short film. Other opinions were about how social media steals our data and that we are listened to using our phones.

It can be said that in such a short film, 1 minute and 7 seconds, we, as viewers, understand so much; it is interesting that even if we compare it with other concepts, the result is the same: we are watched, supervised, our freedom to think, express ourselves is limited.

For more, you can watch here the discussion of the film.

Moderator: Eliza Filimon