Film List

The TGIFF 2022 Awards are:

SciFi Short: Orbital Christmas (Japan)
Special mention: Fieldtrip (UK)
SciFi Feature: Cpt. Wits (Brasil)

Fantasy Short: Dancing with Dharma (UK)
Fantasy Feature: Jim Button and the Wild 13 (Germany)

Comedy Short: My Roommate the Jedi (USA)
Comedy Feature: Zoombieland (USA)

Animation Short: Camaquen (Peru)
Special mention: Magic Head (Ukraine)

Documentary: Stories from Afterwards (Brasil)

The recording of the Award Gala is available online (click here).

Here are the films presented at TGIFF, 2022 edition.

* if ”No”, the streaming is geoblocked, only viewers from Romania can view the film (at film distributor request)

Feature film
Screening at location Online streaming for international viewers *
Science Fiction
Captain Witts Yes No
The Winter Hunger Yes Yes
The Repairman Yes Yes
Jim Button And The Wild 13 Yes No
The Black Spider Yes No
Nightshades Yes Yes
Zombiegeddon Movie Yes
Stories from Afterwards Yes
Asteroid Rush: Planetary Defense Yes
The Satanic Panic and the Religious Battle for the Imagination Yes No
Lockdown The Doctor Who Fans Survival Guide No Yes
Short film
Science Fiction
Field Trip Yes
Off_line Yes Yes
Triangle Yes
Orbital Christmas Yes
Lilly Yes Yes
VI Yes
The Heart of the Volcano Yes Yes
Janko Zonta Yes Yes, at certain day and time
Noctuidae Yes No
Dancing with Dharma Yes No
The Statue Yes Yes
Camaquen Yes
The Land of Nod No Yes
Magic Head Yes Yes
The Sprayer Yes Yes
The Naughty List Yes
My Roommate the Jedi Yes
Planet of the Socks Yes Yes