Zoria: Age of Shattering is an RPG game based on creating teams, exploring battles, quests. It is a complex game because it involves different elements such as:

  • creating characters
  • their evolution
  • their equipment
  • quests – interaction with all characters + various events

At first, the player controls only one character, but the player will add more characters to the team and controls them as the game progresses. There is the possibility of crafting various elements to help the characters solve the quests and tasks. The characters earn EXP (experience) and points that help for activating different abilities. The same character can have various skills depending on the player that controls it.

The player can organise the characters in the team so they can interact best when battling mode. The dialogues are essential for the story and help the player understand better what he/she has to do next.

In the Journal, the player can see the tasks, quests needed to be solved or already completed, information about characters and locations visited. The Bestiary section has information about the creatures already met.

The player has the free choice to complete whatever tasks he/she wants.

The game has the defence of the fortress as the starting point. From there, the storyline divides; it is not linear. It has the possibility of saving the game to the current point of the quest and story. Resting/Camping mode helps characters regain their lives, energy, supplies. They can gather raw material for resources and supplies.

The game creators inspired mainly by the games Dungeons and Dragons, for the storyline, Divinity: Originals Sin, and XCOM.

Below, you have a broader discussion with one of the game creators, Ștefan Nițescu.

TGIFF 2020 1pm Zoom 2 Meeting
Moderator: Simona Hupov
Guest: Ștefan Nițescu