ZOOM info

Zoom panel layout

Thank you for participating at the TGIFF Zoom panel/presentation/workshop!

Here are the main details regarding the panel:
-the panel will take place on the TGIFF ZOOM line of program. You need to have ZOOM installed on your computer (https://zoom.us/download) and join our ZOOM session (click the link that will be present at https://festival.galactic.one/restricted-page/) You need to be loged in the festival platform to see the ZOOM link at the Restricted Page. And email with an access code to the festival platform has been previously sent to you by our staff. If you did not received the email, please ask for the code ASAP, by sending an email at tgiff[at]galactic[dot]one
-your panel is present in the TGIFF program (https://festival.galactic.one/tgiff-program/). Check out carefully the day and time. Please consider that this is the Romanian Local Time.
– please enter the ZOOM session at least 10 minutes before your panel, to make a tech test (video and audio). You will make the test with the ZOOM Master (see the program)
– your host will be the panel moderator (see the program) or, if the panel is a presentation or a workshop, the ZOOM Master will present the panel and the panel participants. The ZOOM Master will record the session
– the recording of the session will be present, at a later time, on TGIFF youtube.com channel
– the panel will last according to the program, but no more than 50 minutes or 90 minutes (if is an one hour respectively a two hours slot)
– before the end of the panel, the ZOOM Master or the host will wrap up the panel and ask the panel presenters to make a conclusion speech

Any question can be sent to the ZOOM Master/Host – you can contact them on the TGIFF Discord server or by email- or by email to tgiff [at] galactic [dot]one (in this order).

For general questions, you can use our Wapp Customer Service Number +40 729 455 981 (messages only)