Q&A info

Q&A session layout

Thank you for participating at the TGIFF film Q&A session!

Here are the main details regarding the session:
-the session will take place on TGIFF Discord Server. You need to have Discord installed on your computer (https://discord.com/download) and join our Discord server (click the invite link https://discord.gg/fzYJJ63uG3)
-you can see your session in the TGIFF program (https://festival.galactic.one/tgiff-program/). Check out carefully the day and time. Please consider that this is the Romanian Local Time.
– on the server, you must access “Program” section”, and then click on “Program” link, with a loudspeaker icon on the left of the word
– please enter the Discord server at least 10 minutes before your panel, to make a tech test (video and audio). You will make the test with the Discord Master (see the program)
– your host will be the panel moderator (see the program). There will also be a Discord technician, who will make a video recording of the session.
– the program will be launched by the moderator, presenting the film and the film representative(s) in the Q&A panel. He will present the Q&A rules (participants will put the questions on the text channel q-and-a, on the Discord server, the moderator will read the question to the film representative)
– if your film is short, the host will screen the film; if the film is a feature film, the host will screen the trailer of the film
– just after the screening, the Q&A session will begin
– the questions for the film representative will be put on the text channel q-and-a, on the Discord server and the host will read them one by one, to the film representative
– if there are no questions for the public, the moderator will start a conversation with the film representatives
– the session is recorded and will be screened, at a later time, on TGIFF youtube.com channel
– the session will last no more than 50 minutes
– before the end of the session, the host will wrap up the session and ask the film representative for a conclusion speech

Any question can be sent to the Discord Master/Host – you can contact them on the discord server- or by email to tgiff [at] galactic [dot]one (in this order).

For general questions, you can use our Wapp Customer Service Number +40 729 455 981 (messages only)