People make things happen

The translation, subtitling and interpreting department of 2020 edition of TGIFF was coordinated by Eliza Claudia Filimon, Senior Lecturer at the English department of West University of Timișoara.

Members of the translation, subtitling and interpreting team are students at the Faculty of Letters of the West University of Timișoara:
Diana Găină
Paula SUciu
George Bechet
Andreea Raluca Dumitraș
Theodora Lucaci
Laurențiu Thirteu

Here are some of the volunteers at TGIFF:

  1. Bartalis Cătălina- master
  2. Larisa Cimpoca – location assistant
  3. Larisa Cotoarbă – location assistant
  4. Bianca Rață – location assistant
  5. Tamara Miron – location assistant
  6. Madalina Maria Toda – location assistant
  7. Cristina Muntean – location assistant