Film submissions must be in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

‎The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival

– Films submitted must belong to the Sci-fi or Fantasy/Fantastic genre and they must not exceed 30 minutes (short films)
– Films not belonging to the above genres will not be taken into consideration.
– Films from all over the world are welcome to enter, however, if the film is in a language other than English, it must be submitted with embedded English subtitles AND with no subtitle. We also request the subtitle file in English, in .srt formatat.
– The submitter must complete all the relevant information including: a non-watermarked film, a poster, a log line synopsis (one sentence only), credits with cast and role included, production year etc.
– By submitting (and in the event the film is selected) it is agreed that you will supply us with all the material we require, e.g. the film, all film credit information, 1 Poster (in electronic format, JPG or PDF) or 2 Production stills – Within 10 working days of notification.
– All submissions are preferred as digital upload/for download in .MOV format. We prefer Vimeo uploads: ensure the film is of the best possible quality and that we are able to download it.

1. The submitter agrees that they are the owner of the work or is the legal representative of the work. You are responsible for all copyright clearances, including music, model/actor releases, distribution rights etc.
2. The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival cannot be held liable for any infringement on copyright and/or ownership clearance issues.
3. The filmmaker/submitter accepts full responsibility for any breach of intellectual or trademark property.
4. By submitting, you give The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival permission to use the film and/or trailers and/or any other marketing materials you supply to us for any promotional purposes for the festival.
5. By submitting, you give The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival permission to screen the film royalty-free during the festival at the designated venue(s).
6. Once a film is officially accepted into the festival, it can no longer be withdraw from the festival line-up or the festival’s ongoing program.
7. FAN FILMS: Are accepted and welcomed into the event, and the filmmaker hereby agrees:
• He has obtained all permissions from the copyright holder and/or the franchise holder and/or the intellectual property owner to create his homage film.
8. By submitting, the filmmakers agrees he has read and understood these terms & conditions of entry.
9. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately. Please review these Terms and Conditions periodically. Current stand: 13.09.2019

If you have a distribution deal or sales agent, we advise that you consult them and obtain a letter of agreement allowing you to submit to The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival. Please consult all of your partners prior to entering.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
For more information on our data protection policy visit or email us at [email protected] should you have any specific questions regarding your data at The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival.

If your film is accepted:
1. we do not provide accommodation or flights for you to attend the festival.
2. if you choose to participate, you and another 3 members of your film crew will receive festival passes and at least two of you will be required to participate at the Q&A session which will take place just after your film screening
3.if you will not participate at the festival, you and at leat one more member of the film crew (but no more than four person) will be required to participate at the Q&A session which will take place just after the screening, using online streaming services like Skype or similar. You will be contacted in advance to program set up the Q&A session during the screening program at the festival, at a mutual convenient time.
If your film is not accepted: agree to give The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival permission to use the film for a one-time drive-in free screening of the film, during the festival, if selected by the festival organizers

To help you with your submission have a look at this article:


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