Last Trial: A Star Wars Collateral Story

Spain Science Fiction Short Film –  12 minutes
Last Trial

Last Trial

18 years after the great Jedi purge and the rise of the galactic empire, a lost padawan acting as a rebel spy and a rookie stormtrooper face the hardest and most important trial of their lives whilst surrounded by a storm of smoke, fire and thousands of blaster bolts. Last Trial is a nonprofit unofficial Star Wars fanfilm shot in El Teide, Canary Islands with the collaboration of the official administration of the Teide national park and the Star Wars fan group Fuerza Imperial de Tenerife. It is not intended for commercial use and it is not associated in any way to Disney or Lucasfilm.This fanfilm has not been premiered and it is not open to the public on the internet.

Screening at location: YES

Screening online: YES