Tech Support

To participate in TGIFF Virtual, you will use the following applications:

  • ZOOM
  • Google Meet
  • Discord

Each of them has specific features. We recommend  you to create an account for each of them, in order to fully benefit from the advantages of these programs. Some TGIFF programs can only be accessed if you have a Zoom, Google Meet or Discord account.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform, developed by Zoom Video Comunications. It can be used on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

For general information about using ZOOM, use the link below:

You can also watch a short video tutorial on how to connect to a ZOOM meeting:

To see how to use ZOOM features while attending a meeting, you can watch this video:

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video communications service developed by Google. It can be used on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

For information about joining a meeting, Google Meet, use the link below:

For information about the actual meeting, go to:

and use the menu on the right of the page.

The Google General Help Area is here:


Discord is a free application created for video game communities. The platform is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and in web browsers. In May 2018 there were 130 million unique users registered in the application, and in May 2020 there are approximately 300 million Registered users.

The application works on the basis of groups called “servers”, in which several people can participate and can communicate through chats called “channels”. Anyone can create a server for free, with no additional payments required. Users can also communicate privately through Direct Messages (DM).

* source:

The help resources below are in English, for translation we recommend using Google Translate (see above)

The Beginner’s Guide to Discord is here:

During the event, if you have technical problems, you can ask for help on the Discord server, at the Tech Support channel.