Final Cut

In this page you can view the films from the Final Cut selection at TGIFF, 2021 edition.

Please take notice that you need a very good internet connection to see the films, because they are in high definition (HD).

To see the films:

  1. select the name of the film from the first pull down menu
  2. select the available subtitle from the second pull down menu (if you want a subtitle)
  3. click the play button in the middle of the screen
  4. to see the film in full screen mode, click on the square icon in the right-down corner of the player
  5. to exit the full screen mode, click the escape key, from the keyboard

When you want to see another film, when a film is already playing or is finished:
1. Stop the film (if has not stopped by himself)
2. from the film pull down menu, first select “select film”
3. then select the film name