Rules for the meme contest

TGIFF, 2021 edition


The meme contest is a competition open to anyone interested who knows the phenomenon of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) movies and series.


What is a meme?

meme = a cultural feature or a type of behaviour that is passed from one generation to another, without the influence of genes; an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet (Cambridge Dictionary)

By participating in the contest, the participant agrees to abide by its rules and accept the selection committee’s decisions, which will be final. This contest is organised by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival “The Galactic Imaginarium”, which takes place in Dumbrăvița – Timiș (details on the internet at


The objective of the contest

The objective is to produce and disseminate memes that promote the SFF field, with topics from SFF movies and TV series.


Contest prizes

There will be 5 prizes consisting of two general access passes to TGIFF, 2021 edition, which can be used for access to both the location and the online version of the festival during the five days of the festival (September 15-19, 2021),


Eligibility criteria

Memes about SFF movies and series are accepted, created by the person who sends those memes by email after the contest start date.

The text of the memes must be in English.



A maximum of 5 memes per person is accepted.

The memes will be sent by their creator, by email, to the address [email protected]

The selection of memes is made by a committee of three people, including the Festival Director. The selection is made according to the following criteria:

– closely connected to the field of film and TV series Science Fiction and Fantasy

– originality (memes already on the internet before the start date of the contest are not allowed)

– degree of originality and creativity, including the presentation and modification of images, in order to make an original product (creating memes does not violate international copyright laws)

– comic / dramatic / moralising effect of the memes

– offensive / obscene / vulgar language memes, etc. are not accepted.

All the memes selected for the contest will be published on the Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter account of the festival.

The evaluation will be carried out through evidence of reactions (Like, HaHa, Love, etc.) from the three social media channels, plus the Shares, for each meme. The first five memes that get the highest number of reactions win.


Dates of the contest

The start date of the contest is the publication date of this announcement (June 2021)

The deadline for submitting the memes is August 27, 2021.

The listing of memes on the social media accounts is done until August 31, 2021.

The judging takes place between September 1-7, 2021.

The nomination of the winners is made on September 9, 2021.


Details about the vote

The memes on the three TGIFF social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) can be voted by anyone. Each person can vote for as many memes as they want. The vote consists of choosing a reaction from the respective social network (Like, Love, HaHa, etc.). Furthermore, the Share action is also considered a vote. The first five memes that get the highest number of reactions win. If two or more memes belong to the same creator, the following memes are selected in the order of the number of votes to be 5 winners.


By participating in the TGIFF meme contest, you agree that:

  • Your memes can be shared online and in other formats by TGIFF and other social media users.
  • The decision of the selection committee is final, as are all contest deadlines.
  • In case of winning a general access pass, personal access to the festival location or online access will be the responsibility of the winner (TGIFF does not cover the costs of transport, accommodation, meals or online access of the winners).
  • Personal data will be collected by the organisers to achieve the contest’s objectives, the processing being done according to the laws in force and information presented on the website of the festival, specially dedicated to this topic.