Virtual Meet & Greet with Autograph

Virtual Meet & Greet will take place on the ZOOM platform and consists of:

  • a private meeting on ZOOM with the guest of honor for 1 minute
  • in this time lenght, the guest of honor will sign an autograph for you on a photograph of him
  • during the meeting, we will take a digital photo with you and the Guest of Honour, which we will send you by email
  • during the remaining time you can exchange a few words with the guest of honor
  • Virtual Meet & Greet tickets can be purchased online at https://bilete./ro/tgiff. Virtual Meet & Greet can only be purchased together with the TGIFF participation ticket.
    The price of Meet & Greet is 110 lei (just ove 22 EURO)

To see when the Virtual Meet & Greet session with Miltos Yerolemou takes place, please study the program at:

How to participate in Virtual Meet & Greet
  • technical participation data (time, duration, ZOOM meeting ID and access password) are present in your client account, in the festival website
  • connect to the meeting 10 minutes before it starts
  • you will be admitted to the virtual waiting room where you will have to wait your turn
  • you will be admitted to the Virtual Meed & Greet room, where you will be with the Host and the Guest of Honor
  • the meeting lasts one minute
  • the guest will sign the autograph, take a photo with you and discuss the remaining time available
  • after the minute, you will leave the Virtual Meet & Greet room to make room for the next participant
  • if you missed the Virtual Meet & Greet session because you were late, you cannot be rescheduled and you will not receive your money back
  • the Virtual Meet & Greet ticket cannot be transferred to another person
About the autograph

The autograph will be made on a photo provided by Miltos Yerolemou. The autograph will be sent to you by registered letter to an address provided by you. To provide the address, use the page


Make sure the physical address to which you want the autograph to be sent is correct and complete. Any problem with a wrong address will result in the loss of your letter.

Make sure that the email address you provide (on the same page where you give us the address to send the autograph to) is correct, otherwise the email with the digital photo will not reach you.

All your data is safe, it is processed according to GDPR standards. Please read the privacy policy page for you information.

About The Photography

Here are some questions and answers about the photo taken at the Virtual Meet & Greet session:

Can I take a special posture / position during the photo shoot with the guest?

Positions / positions must be approved in advance by the guest. Please comply with his requests.

Is the photo on paper?

No, it is a digital photo obtained by taking a screenshot of the ZOOM session with the guest of honor. It will be sent by email to the address provided by you on the specially designated page (see above).

How can I be dressed?

Your photo will undoubtedly be a memory for years to come, so we suggest you think carefully about how you will dress. We draw your attention to the fact that white does not look good in photos.

How can I participate in Virtual Meet & Greet?

The login details for the ZOOM session will be present on your client account at the festival website. It is important to come to the meeting online in advance, any delay will lead to the loss of participation in the session. Refunds are NOT offered in case of non-participation in the session.

I have more questions…

Questions that are not addressed here can be addressed by email, which you can find at the bottom of the home page of the site.