For the good functioning of the drive-in cinema, which will take place from 23 to 26 September in the parking lot of the Sala Polivalentă (Multipurpose Hall) from Dumbrăvița, TGIFF’s organiser, the Association for Complementary Education (Asociația pentru Educație Complementară-APEC) bought an FM radio transmission kit from the Slovenian company PCS- Electronics. We have also obtained the ANCOM broadcasting licence nr. SA-O/039/2020, which will be available from 20.09.2020 to 27.09.2020.

In order to set, test and operate the kit, we have launched a call on Facebook that was answered by Mr. Dan Stoian from the QSO Banat Timișoara Association. This association became a production partner at TGIFF.

We would like to thank Mr. Dan Stoian for the time and energy that he has invested in helping us. We would also like to thank the association for their support.

The radio transmission will have the 87.9 MHz frequency and you will be able to receive it using the car’s radio, a portable radio or even your phone’s radio, if it has such a function.


The entrance to the drive-in cinema is free, but you need to sign up 36 hours in advance, using a form that is available on our website.

In order to buy tickets at TGIFF online, access the following link