The TGIFF SFF movie festival is, before everything else, an international festival.


In order to reach as many fans of the SFF movies, the festival’s organisers began a campaign to promote it at an international level, which is made up of several elements.


Participating at international conventions and festivals

  • On the 19th of July, Marius Gordan and Darius Hupov gave an English presentation at FantaSTikon, the SFF convention from Split, that took place online
  • A digital flyer with information regarding TGIFF was sent to CoNZealand, the SF World Convention from New Zealand (Worldcon 2020), in order to be presented on the ”virtual table” with promotional material


Listing in publications that are written in English

  • Proposals to list TGIFF have been sent to numerous magazines and online databases that are connected to the SFF. Up until now, TGIFF was listed by the famous Locus magazine from the USA


TGIFF Ambassadors

  • An international volunteering campaign was launched in order to recruit TGIFF Ambassadors. Those who wish to become ambassadors of the festival will promote TGIFF at conventions and in publications from their country. We only accept one ambassador for each country. More details can be found on the festival’s website at this link.
  • Up until now, TGIFF has ambassadors in India (Archana Mirajkar), Poland (Marcin Klak) and Iran (Farkhondeh Fazel Bakhsheshi)


The campaign to promote our festival will continue in the following weeks. A press kit was finished and it will be sent to international SFF publications.