TGIFF Ambassadors

TGI Film Festival has an open call for TGIFF Ambassadors.

If you are a SF fan, promoter or convention organizer and want to help us promote the Festival in your country, just say so!

To be TGIFF Ambassador means:

  • if you have a personal blog/site dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy, to write an informative article about TGIFF and have a reminder article about the Festival a couple of weeks before TGIFF
  • to send the TGIFF press kit to Science Fiction, Fantasy, pop culture or film media in your country (magazines, online magazines, web portals, fanzines etc.)
  • to speak about TGIFF in interviews
  • to promote TGIFF to local and national Science Fiction and Fantasy Associations and clubs
  • to promote TGIFF at local and national Science Fiction and Fantasy meetings an conventions
Rules and guidelines

Every ambassador will chose what means of promotion will use.

The promotion activity will use only the information provided by TGIFF in the Press Kit.

The Ambassador can promote TGIFF on his/her personal social media account, but will promote TGIFF on other groups, pages, channels etc. in social media, only with the permission of the owner of that group, page etc.

The Ambassador will not use promotion methods and techniques that can be assimilated as spam, in any form or mean.

The Ambassadors will send a biweekly email to TGIFF organizers, describing the promotional activities of the week, with details about it, including relevant web links, if existent.

Ambassador “Thank you!” Package

Each ambassador will receive a bonus package consisting of a  TGIFF Ambassador diploma, list on the Ambassador Page in the TGIFF Website, free tickets at TGIFF, TGIFF personalized T-Shirts, badges etc., according to the scale of his/her activity. The Ambassadors must perform at least 2 distinct activities, that can be proved with an online presence (articles, Facebook post, news, etc.), in order to qualify for the “Thank you!” Package.

Contact us

If you want to be TGIFF Ambassador, please contact us using the email at the footer of the website.