The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival is now on listed on, the film festival aggregator. If you’re a filmmaker (or even if you don’t consider yourself one but if you recently created a SciFi or Fantasy film) and you think that your movie fits the bill feel free to sign up (you can check out our requirements at

What’s different about our festival is that we want to create a stronger bond between the consumer (be it a so-called amateur, an afficianado or something in between) and the film crew. Even if you don’t manage to get to Dumbrăvița, videoconferences and live streams will bridge the gap between you and your (perhaps new) fans. Conferences, debates and Q&A sessions will spice up the festival experience for everyone involved.

An unique experience for most Romanian moviegoers will be the free drive-in short film screening, which will take place during the festival. 

The jury and the audience will present their own awards, for both the SciFi and for the Fantasy categories.