Photo Ops

The Photo Ops with the Guest of Honour is located in the Multipurpose Hall and is managed by Xmedia. Tickets can be purchased online from here. The photography sessions with Miltos Yerolemou will take place on the 31st. of May Please check the location schedule in advance.

To reduce queues and waiting time, we invite you to the location at least 10 minutes in advance. There is no reason to sit in line early. As long as you arrive before the photo shoot, our Staff will guide you (either to Photo Ops Area or to the place where you puck-up your photo). Please stand in line in the area indicated by our Staff, in order maintain the traffic flow. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding – but please be on time in order to not miss the Photo Ops!

If you did not show up at the shooting venue or if you were late for the program, you will lose the photo with the guest of honor, in which case we will not return the amount you paid.

Here is a set of questions and answers related to the photo with the guest of honor.

What does the shooting fee include?

You will receive a 15×10 cm color photo. You must understand that you are not having a “conversation” with the Guest of Honour. Please understand that our guests must also make their presentations on stage and sign autographs, generally all on the same day, and often have to catch a plane or have other meetings to attend.

This is why the photo with our guest should last less than 20 seconds.

Do I have to get a ticket to the convention to get a photo with the TGIFF guest?

Yes, it is necessary to participate in TGIFF both to have the photo taken and to pick them up. To participate in the TGIFF you must purchase a ticket or a subscription, which is done online (click here)

Are photos included in the access to the festival?

Tickets and subscriptions do NOT include Photo Ops – they must be purchased separately (see the link above)
NOTE: You can buy tickets for photos and autographs before you buy a TGIFF access ticket, but you need a TGIFF access ticket in order to use the tickets for the Photo Ops and Autographs – Please buy a TGIFF access ticket as soon as possible, because we can never guarantee that tickets will not be sold out before the Festival. The person who has a Photo Ops ticket or an Autograph ticket must also have a TGIFF access ticket for the same day.

Can I take a special position.posture  position during the photo shoot with the guest?

Positions / postures must be approved in advance by the guest. Please comply with his requests.

How many fans can be in one photo?

At the request  of our celebrities, we limit the number of persons in a photo with a guest to 3 persons. Unfortunately, there is no exception to this rule.

Important! Each person who will be present for the group photo must have a photo session ticket.

How many photos will I receive?

You will receive only one photo, no matter how many fans are in the picture. You can order as many photos with the same celebrity as you want, you will receive as many as you will pay.

How will I receive the photograph?

Generally, photos are available later, on the same day, or in special cases (photo taken at the end of the day) the next day. If your photo was taken Sunday before the end of the day, please stay near the location to pick it up.

Can I offer a gift to the guest at the photo session?

For security reasons, we do not allow the gift offers to the guests at the photo session. Usually guests travel by plane, they cannot take large or heavy gifts with them. From our experience, the vast majority of the guests do not take their presents with them and do not ask to be sent to a given address. This is just a fact we want to emphasize, because we know how much time and effort fans put into giving a gift to their idols.

I bought a photo session ticket, where do I come from?

The program of events and sections of the Festival is posted on the website. Photo Ops are included in the program. Most likely the Photo Ops will take place during the time when other activities take place in the same location, so please come early and stay in line (which usually will form near the Photo Ops location). It’s good to show up at the location 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

How to be dressed?

Your photo will undoubtedly make a memory over the years, so we suggest you think carefully about how you will dress. Please note that white does not look good in photos.

I still have questions …
Questions that are not anwered here can be addressed via email, which you can find at the bottom of the homepage of the site.