Get your free code

Thank you for submitting a film to TGIFF 2020!

As a token of our appreciation, the Festival will offer free General Access Tickets to the festival to a number of the film crew:
– 4 tickets for the films from the Official selection and Final Cut Selection
– 3 tickets for the films unselected in the festival

Films from the Official Selection
Please take notice that at least of one crew member must be present at the Q&A session on Zoom, after the film online streaming.
You will be contacted by the Q&A Programmer to set this up.

Getting the Free General Access Tickets

This process is fully automated. You must take this steps:
1. look in your account for two information:
a. the email of the person who submitted the film
b. the Tracking Number

2. go to the Request Access Code page

Request access code

3. fill the email and the Tracking Number (it is a number made of TGIFF and other 4 digits)
Your will get 3 or 4 codes, depending on the type of the film. Each code is for one member of the crew. Give them the codes and tell them to claim their free Participant Account at TGIFF Online.

Here is how you claim the free Participant Account:

  • go to the Registration Page (click here)
  • fill the field “Username” and “Email” in the form, with a username of your choice and your regular email address
  • fill the field “General Access Ticket barcode number” with the free code
  • click “Register”
  • you will get an email with the information about your account, including a link where you will setup your password
  • to login to your account, go to the login page (click here)
  • fill the form with your email, or user name and the password received by email
  • click “Login”
  • you will have access to the pages in the Festival Area, where you will find all the information about how to participate at the festival (the Restricted Page with links to Zoom Meetings and other information, the Official Selection page with films in the Official Selection of the Festival, and the Final Cut Selection, with the films from the Final Cut section of the Festival)

For any problems, please go to the Tech Support Chat at our Discord Server (9.00 to 19.00 hours during the Festival, on 26th and 27th September) or write an email at support [at] galactic [dot] one