Autograph signing

The Autograph signing is located in the Day Center. Tickets can be purchased online from


The Autograph session with Miltos Yerolemou will take place on the 31st. of May Please check the location schedule in advance.

To reduce queues and waiting time, we invite you to the location at least 10 minutes in advance. There is no reason to sit in line early. Please stand in line in the area indicated by our Staff, in order maintain the traffic flow. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding – but please be on time in order to not miss the Autograph signing!

If you did not show up at the Autograph signing or if you were late for the program, you will lose the autograph opportunity with the guest of honor, in which case we will not return the amount you paid.

Only those with an autograph ticket for that specific Guest will be allowed at the autograph table. Please take notice of our Staff directions. If you are accompanied by/or accompanying a minor, or if you are a caretaker or have a caretaker who does not have an autograph ticket, they may stand in line with you, but when it comes time to have your item signed, they will be asked to stand in a nearby area while you get your item signed.

Here are some good manner rules:

  • Only one item can get signed per each autograph ticket.
  • If you have difficulty standing or require special assistance, please notify any Staff member in advance.
  • Sefies or photo-taking of the celebrity guests during autograph sessions are strictly prohibited
  • Personalizations are at the discretion of the celebrity
  • Items that are deemed inappropriate will not be presented at the autograph table

Outside the paid autograph area, autographs can be requested from other guests present at the Festival or from exhibitors in the Multipurpose Hall. They can give autographs for a fee or for free, it is up to them. Regarding the request for an autograph, we recommend that you read this article about 10 rules of good suitability regarding the signing of autographs.